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Mobile Food Truck, Catering & Private Events Available

Our tacos are perfect for catering events or corporate luncheons! We are now accepting bookings! 

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Chef Lake

Meet the Owner

Chef Lake

Lathan’s business plan is driven by five motivating factors: God, a
passion for helping people, humanity regaining human essence, and
family beliefs that taught him to have a good heart and for the future to be a better place.

The kitchen is his laboratory where he spends the majority of his time with various apparatuses concocting natural sauces to enhance any meal. It could be a simple peanut butter and jelly sandwich to the most exquisite five-course feast. Simmons’ sauces transform any meal from ordinary to great and already exquisite to simply wow.

No Fuss Tacos

Our Philosophy

The core of who we are is
rooted in service and quality...
it is the foundation from which we
grow a relationship with our

If you’re a purist at heart, NoFuss Taco is the place for you.
We prepare birria the original way: big steaming bowls of
slow-cooked beef or chicken sitting in flavorful red consommé.
The meat here is prepared to perfection, while the broth is also
generously seasoned with hints of cumin, cinnamon, and dried chiles. The spicy of the soup is definitely a surprise at first, but we
like surprises just as much as we like this Michoacan-style birria.
Spritz some fresh lime on top and enjoy your caldo with some
handmade corn tortillas. If you’re visiting Nashville in the warmer months and a bowl of hot soup sounds like a sweaty mess waiting to happen, order the equally delicious birria combo that ditches the broth for a side of beans and rice. But still get the tortillas, of course.

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